Impressions Vanity Review

If you have Instagram, you’ve probably seen one of these gorgeous vanities in your feed at some point. I’d been drooling over all the photos from Impressions Vanity for months, when I finally decided to get one of my own! Since these are a huge purchase and I don’t see many unbiased (ahem, unpaid) reviews out there, I thought I’d share my experience with what I now call “The Vanity from Hell”

Can’t decide if you’d like to venture to hell to get one of these for yourself? I’ll present my issues/experience in chronological order… here we go…


Step one, I purchased the SlayStation Pro 2.0 Glow Pro Vanity Bundle with Drawer Units. This is one of their most expensive items and I was so excited about this thing I couldn’t stand it. Then, it all started.

Issue #1: Shipping Problems

I ordered this vanity on December 30th. So why is this review happening January 30th? Oh because your vanity will ship in separate boxes – one for the drawers, one for the mirror and one for the tabletop.  I received the drawers on 1/12. The mirror arrived 1/16 (DAMAGED – more on that later!). The tabletop was refused by UPS the first time and Impressions shipped me a new one.  UPS refused it again and I was shipped a third tabletop. This one arrived DAMAGED AGAIN on 1/28. Throughout all the tabletop deliveries, I had to call customer service over 15 times trying to figure out why UPS was rejecting the shipments and get new orders sent to me. Impressions kept telling me they would handle it, and never calling me back.

Issue #2: Assembly. Lots of Assembly

It comes in hundreds of pieces similar to (or worse than) an Ikea dresser. Literally, this thing is particle board.  Not a single screw or piece of hardware came assembled and the directions are worthless as some steps are excluded. Here’s a few photos of the pieces of a single side of the vanity.  This is ONE set of the drawers – so after this project, my boyfriend had to do it all over again for the other side.  Assembling both sets of drawers took him 6 hours.




Issue #3: It’s Ridiculously Heavy

I’m seasoned in moving and putting together my own furniture but this thing is impossible. Each of the 3 boxes weight approx. 100 pounds apiece. This is not my estimate, this is the weight reflected by UPS.  So, I struggled to even move the boxes into my bedroom. This becomes a big issue later on…

Issue #4: You’ll Ruin the Packaging Trying to Get the Dang Thing Out

You can’t get these boxes open without completely destroying the packaging. Who cares, right? You will care when you find out that your vanity is damaged.  Your only options are to REPACKAGE this insanely heavy thing (remember issue #3, it’s HEAVY) and ship it back on your own, or they’ll give you a tiny partial refund to keep the damaged item.  I’m talking around $75. Since there was no way to repackage this thing, you’ll be forced to keep the damaged item and take your teeny tiny insulting partial refund.



Issue #5: The Product is Damaged

It WILL arrive damaged. This company clearly hasn’t figured out how to appropriately package and ship these things and they’ll blame it all on UPS. My mirror has a crack and a chunk of the mirror missing in the corner.  But as discussed, I couldn’t repackage it, so I kept it. So disappointing. My tabletop also arrived damaged 3 times. Luckily the first 2 times, UPS rejected it so I wasn’t stuck with it.  The 3rd time, I didn’t know it was damaged until I got the box open (by destroying it, as necessary). It has 3 large cracks, one of them is dead center on the front of the vanity.  The glass top for the table also has a scratch across the corner. Beautiful. And again, Impressions will give you $75 back on your purchase.






Issue #6: It’s Completely Unstable

The tabletop literally just sits on top of the drawers. There are no attachments to secure it so if you have children, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND not having one of these in your home as one bump could send it all tumbling. The tabletop doesn’t even sit flush on the drawers.


Issue #7: Can’t Screw in the Mirror Properly

Mirror installation on the pro version I have is also not stable. You can’t reach all of the screwholes, so my mirror is affixed with only 3 screws. I just try hard not to touch it or lean on it since it wobbles slightly – the only time I notice this is a big problem is when I try to clean it.

Issue #8: Defective Lights

I’ve officially had my vanity all put together for 2 days and one of my light bulbs is already messing up. It goes to full strength fine, but won’t dim properly. I fully expect more issues to present themselves shortly.


Here’s my quick assessment on my Impressions Vanity experience:

QUALITY – Zero Stars. It’s Ikea quality particle board with limited hardware to make it stable. The seams don’t line up on the tabletop. The lights are having issues within a week of use.

EASE OF ASSEMBLY – Can I give them Negative Stars? We definitely spent over 8 hours on assembly. It also nearly cost me my boyfriend due to the fights it caused. If you love someone, just don’t ask them for help with this beast.

CUSTOMER SERVICE – One Star for Effort. The reps are nice, but they can’t fix a bad product. They can only give you tiny partial refunds and are otherwise powerless. They also were terrible about following up with me.

APPEARANCE – Four Stars. This is the only bright spot. This thing does look pretty when you aren’t too close to see all the cracks, scratches, and missing chunks.

PRICE/VALUE – Zero Stars. If I could do this again, I would not purchase this piece of junk. I’d spend my money on a real piece of furniture (and honestly it would probably cost less) I feel robbed.

Comment below! I’m glad to answer any questions you have about this product!