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Becoming a Maskcara Beauty Independent Distributor

I’m so excited you’re here and that you’re considering becoming a part of my sisterhood! There are some pretty amazing reasons to choose Maskcara if you’re looking for an independent gig, and there are even more to join my amazing line.

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First, why Maskcara when I could join any MLM?

  • Maskcara is a very new company, join now and get in at the ground level! There are only ~2,000 distributors compared to hundreds of thousands with companies like Mary Kay.
  • Maskcara was founded by an amazing beauty blogger, Cara Brook. She understands the future of how people are researching and buying products, and ladies it is NOT in a physical store!
  • The make-up is freakin’ gorgeous. I got started when a sweet follower sent me a sample. I was blown away by the beautiful packaging and once I tried the product I was hooked!


Why my team?

  • My upline is amazing, and they generate beautiful content that is yours to shamelessly steal and share on your media platforms. I’m talking gorgeous photography, upline sponsored giveaways, and more.
  • So. Much. Support. This team has an amazing Facebook group where we share our ideas, struggles, and our lives! We help one another color match our clients and solve any number of client issues that might arise.
  • Access to me! I’m completely available to help you when it comes to make-up, selling, even building your following. I’m a newbie myself, but as I generate more and more social content I’ll give you the greenlight to use it for your own followers.

I hope that all of this is as exciting to you as it was to me. If you’ve researched the Maskcara site, you may have found there is no info on the comp plan, rank levels, etc. so I have included it for you below. If you have any questions you can chat with me by texting 501-912-1015 or we can set up a time to talk.

Maskcara Compensation Plan

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If you’re already ready to go, here’s how easy it is to sign up:

  • CLICK HERE to visit my Maskcara Beauty page
  • Tap the hamburger menu by “Select Page” and choose “Become an Artist”
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose either the Basic Artist Kit or the Pro Artist Kit (see photos below)
  • Then read the terms and select Agree to check out
  • Within the next 24 hours you’ll receive an email with log-in information to your back office and the Maskcara Beauty app
  • Do the training on the app and you’re all set!
  • Guess what? Your artist kit order counts toward your total sales
  • P.S. Reach out to me so I can make sure you’re all linked up with our social support groups!

xoxo, Kimie