August 16, 2017

I’m partnering with Fabletics to give you any outfit starting at $19 (that’s up to 70% off including the Demi Lovato line!), USE THIS LINK to join Fabletics to activate your discount! Want more info? Read on…

This outfit is called Strike and it’s $35 for new VIPs. It comes with these blue printed leggings, a sports bra, and this jacket with mesh detailing!

Once upon a time I only wore leggings from Lululemon… I’d been getting Fabletics emails and finally broke down and joined as a VIP to get a really good deal on an outfit. Now my closet is FULL of Fabletics gear. I totally fell in love with the leggings. They’re thick, comfy and don’t pill as bad as other brands and they’re priced around $39 when you’re a VIP!

It’s totally free to be a VIP – there’s no start up fee and no required monthly payment. Even though it’s considered a monthly membership (don’t let that scare you!), you can skip the month at no charge. I’ve skipped as long as an entire year without buying anything. The prices for members are so good, and they have crazy members only sales like 40% off sitewide.

They just launched a brand new collection with Demi Lovato and if you join now using my link, you can get one of her exclusive outfits for 70% off! My pink outfit is called Charger, it comes with high-waisted leggings and a sports bra for $19 (on my Instagram stories).  The blue outfit (above) is called Strike, it comes with high-waisted leggings, a sports bra, and a jacket for $35. If you’ve been on the fence this is the perfect time to join. I’ll be posting more photos of these outfits soon!

Here are my top picks from Fabletics. Comment or hit me up on Instagram if you have any questions.

Salar Legging – normal rise legging that I love because it’s thick enough to give some compression and hide cellulite. The solids tend to be thicker than the prints for some reason.

Lisette High Waisted Legging – this is my new favorite. They have the best compression of any legging on the site IMO, and I like the high waist to keep my tummy under control. The 7/8 length is the perfect ankle length for me (I’m 5’3”)

Lanelle Sports Bra – this one is new from Demi’s collection (comes with the Strike outfit). It gives nice lift with some padding and adjustable bra straps. Great for running errands, but if you’re top heavy like me it’s definitely not a running bra!

Kinsley – my pick for the cutest outfit that works from gym to errands. I love the palm print and this tank is ultra-flattering (I was able to wear it without a bra which is CRAZY).


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