My Current Fitness Routine


Halter Top | High Waist Bottoms (yes this is the same suit in both pics!!)

I’m so overwhelmed with all the love and support on Instagram – so upon y’all’s request, I’m sharing my current diet and exercise routine. It’s REALLY simple and flexible.  I’m going to give you the guidelines and not an actual menu as I am not a doctor or a dietician.  Definitely consult one if you have ANY health issues.

I have always struggled with my weight, and dieting is just an everyday part of my life since I can remember. Literally like since childhood! As I have aged (I’m 33 y’all, the cellulite is for real!) I have found that my body responds the most to ketogenic cycling.  I’m not gonna get all technical on you, you can all go to google I hope… but basically the concept is to cycle low carb and normal carb periods.

What is currently working for me is low carb days every week day and a high carb weekend. It’s really more of a scheduling/fun issue.  Sorry, but this girl wants dinner with the bf!  You can choose any cycle you like or find works for your body and schedule.  Back when I was training girls, I recommended 3 low carb days, then 1 high carb day, then repeat.  It’s seriously that simple… No food is banned if it fits the carb requirement for that day.  I use Calorie King because some foods are sneaky!

Sample Low Carb Day

~I wake up, drink a huge glass of water with half a fresh lemon squeezed in it and then take my pup on a walk on an empty stomach

~I have a protein shake for breakfast once I’m cooled down and hungry (my fave recipe is below)

~I eat whenever I’m hungry throughout the day but my TOTAL carb intake for the day cannot exceed 20 grams. This is low y’all, like you gotta count them.  However, there are so many low and no carb foods that are delicious – I really don’t feel hungry or have awful cravings

~On a good day, I also do the Sweat with Kayla app workout in addition to my walk

Sample High Carb Day

~I eat whatever I want as long as I’m still trending in the right direction with my weight/measurements (notice I say trending because you will never go down in a straight line!)

~When I’m stalled out, I stick to only “good” carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal (instead of doughnuts for example, which is one of my favorite cheats!)

My Favorite Protein Shake

You’re going to think I’m insane, but I swear this is delicious regardless of your feelings about cottage cheese.

In a blender, mix the following:

~1/2 cup cottage cheese

~1 serving chocolate whey protein (READ THE LABEL – don’t choose a protein with more than 5g of carbs)

~2 packets of Stevia

~2 ounces of water

~1 capful of caramel flavored extract

~5 ice cubes

~if you’re feeling fancy and have room for the carbs that day you can add some peanut butter – delicious!

I truly think that finding what works for you and what you can make a lifestyle is key. And consistency is what will get you results.  Comment here or on Instagram if you have questions!  I’m off to walk Kikka in this super cute Matching Capri and Sports Bra Set


xoxo, Kimie


8 thoughts on “My Current Fitness Routine

  1. Where did you find low carb recipes or meal ideas? I find that’s the hardest part for me is meal planning. Thank you! Loved your post.


    1. It is hard!! I’ve been doing low carb so long I feel like it’s just all in my head! The easiest place to go is Pinterest. Search for low carb meals or low carb ideas (etc). There are tons of pins with lists and lists of recipes. I kind of have my fall back meals I eat all the time – maybe I should do a post on those!


      1. I’m all about simple. I live alone so I don’t like making a huge mess just for myself haha. Plus if it’s too hard I grab junk go food instead. I’m working on a post on low carb spaghetti. Will probably be up tomorrow 🙂


  2. What are some low carb or 0 carb snacks that you’ve tried? I’ve tried cottage cheese and I just can’t eat it lol. I’m having the hardest time trying to stay at 20g a day. Thank you for the tips and inspiration!


    1. I love doing either chopped up grilled chicken or ground beef mixed with melted cheese and warm sour cream. Kind of tastes like an enchilada! I toss it in a Tupperware container the. Heat it up at work. Pork rinds have no carbs, tuna salad, I do roll ups with turkey/cheese/pickles/mustard. Kroger carries carb master yogurt that has only 4 carbs. Some days I grab grilled nuggets at chick-fil-a! Hope that helps get you started!!


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