February 29, 2016

sweater maroon3sweater close upsweater maroonsweater close up 2booties wide

Sweater | Fringe Booties ($39!) | Rose Gold Aviators (only $12!) | Jeans | Druzy Double Ring | Heart Midi Ring | Criss Cross Ring | Watch | Used Louis Vuitton | Pave Link Bracelet | Moon & Star Ring($9!) | Lipstick (Dominique)

Since it’s warming up but still not quite spring, I’m loving the sweater/open toed bootie combo!  These super adorable booties are from Shoedazzle – where I get tons of shoes because they look like expensive styles and they are almost always under $40.

I also get tons of sweaters and basics from Tobi.  I felt so excited when I discovered this website.  They have soooo many cute styles and they have 50% off sales all the time, so I usually stock up.  This one is my new favorite, the hemline is so unique.  I’ve worn this with a collared shirt underneath and even with a skirt to work!  Plus it’s super comfy!

xoxo, Kimie


February 21, 2016

rome outfit

Sleeveless Turtleneck | White Long-sleeved Tee | Black Jeans | Crossbody Bag | Long Pendant | Sunglasses | Over the Knee Boots (only $39!!)

abbey roadwembley hat

I love traveling, but I totally refuse to check a bag! My boyfriend and I hop cities so often that it’s just easier (and less nerve-wracking) to fit everything in a carry-on. We just got back from a trip through London, Paris, and Rome – and yes, I did a full week all in one small bag!

To pack light for a cold-weather vacation, it’s essential to choose one pair of shoes. Then strategically bring your layers and accessories so you can stretch/re-wear your looks. Here’s what my packing list for a week’s worth of outfits looked like:

  1. 1 Jacket – I brought this black faux leather biker jacket
  2. 1 Pair of Shoes – These gorgeous and cheap ($40!) boots are stylish but comfy enough to walk in.
  3. 2 Long-sleeved T-shirts – in white and black
  4. 2 Scarves – for variety I did this cute red & black blanket scarf and this super warm black and white plaid scarf
  5. 2 Pairs of jeans – I did a black pair  and a regular denim pair, this is enough variety to not look like you are wearing the same thing every day.
  6. 4 Sweaters – I brought 4 different colors in varying styles, all light knits because I would layer with my tees, scarf, and jacket for warmth.
  7. Jewelry – stick to one set including a pair of stud earrings, a cute pendant, your watch and some cheap sunnies like my  stylish $12 pair
  8. Cross body bag – this is a must in big cities due to pickpockets. I bought this one just for this trip for only $29. It was perfect!
  9. And top it all off with this adorable pom-pom beanie!

xoxo, Kimie

February 7, 2016

sleeveless tnsleeveless tn1sleeveless tn2sleeveless tn3sleeveless tn4

I found this adorable sleeveless turtleneck last weekend at Nordstrom – and I’ve already worn it three times!  It makes the perfect brunch look with some cool accessories, including these sunglasses that I got for only $12!

I’ve been dying to get this crazy beautiful double druzy ring from Kendra Scott.  I found out that during your birthday month you can show your drivers license and get half off any item so I finally bought it, and I’m totally in love…

xoxo, Kimie

Sleeveless Turtleneck ($42) | AG Jeans | Wedges | Monogram Necklace (18″ chain, blonde marble acrylic) | Sunglasses (only $12!) | Double Druzy Ring | Criss Cross Ring | Faux Leather Jacket | Clip In Hair (20″, Pale Ash Blonde)

February 4, 2016

shoesmarilyn says workout7workoutmarilyn says workout15workout2

With shoes like these, how can you want to skip the gym?!  My friend Andrea (you know, the one who made me that cute Starbucks cup) blinged these Nikes out for me – and she can do custom shoes for you too!  I linked her Etsy below or check her out on Instagram.

I’m one of those people who gains weight if I smell cookies, and I’ve tried every diet and workout plan there is.  As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned just how beautiful my curves are – but it’s still important to take care of myself!  I’ve been using the Sweat with Kayla app, and I have to say it’s pretty amazing.  It walks you through timed workouts that are simple enough to do at home but are crazy effective.  I noticed a difference the first week!  Check it out here.

And last but not least, my leggings.  I have been a long time Lululemon devotee… But I took a leap and purchased a few pairs of leggings from Fabletics.  They are great! The material is not quite as soft as luon, but it looks thicker (a.k.a. hides your cellulite – cause come on, we all have it).  It also doesn’t attract lint, and I feel like I can wear them with regular clothes or for my workout.  I’m totally hooked – not to mention they are half the price of Lulus!  Hope you love all my workout finds as much as I am loving them!

xoxo, Kimie

My Favorite Leggings | Nikes | Crop Top | Gold Monogram | My Bling Girl | Pink Raybans | Hair Extensions (use code LOVELOVEHAIR for $20 until 2/14)

How To: Install Clip-in Hair Extensions

 I’m so excited to post my very first hair tutorial! In this video, I show you how to put in a set of clip-in extensions. It’s so easy, and I have a few tricks I use that I think you’ll love 💘💁🏼🎀 I’ve also lined out my routine with product links below! 

As my followers know, Cashmere Hair is my favorite brand – and they are having a sale right now! Use code LOVELOVEHAIR to get $20 off now through Valentine’s Day 💋

If the video is slow to load, try watching it On YouTube

When you first get your extensions they will be very silky. Over time they will get more coarse, which I actually like because they hold a curl better. You’ll notice that mine are already curled – I typically only have to touch them up about once a week. 

I shampoo and condition them – and let them AIR DRY about once every 1-2 months. Use a sulfate free shampoo, a rich moisturizing conditioner, and plenty of oil! I also really like co-wash because of its moisturizing properties.  Shampoo the hair as normal (I use the kitchen sink!) then when your hair is wet, use a Wet Brush to comb the conditioner through. Rinse and detangle with the Wet Brush then apply oil liberally before allowing to air dry. I usually clip mine up with pant hangers!

Use your boar bristle brush to detangle before installing the hair.  Once installed just style as normal. I included a link to the curling wand I use. I spray mine with hair spray like its my own hair and I even will tease the extensions a tad with the boar bristle brush if I want extra volume!

Boar Bristle Brush | Teasing Comb | Curling Wand | Shampoo | Conditioner | Oil | Dry Shampoo | Cashmere Hair Extensions (20 inch) | Hairspray | Wet Brush | Co Wash